Kumagai Higo Tsuba

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An iron plate in 'okaku maru', largely squared circular shape, the surface showing nice variations proving superior ability in hammering. The color of the iron is dark with a subdued luster and rich color which adds to the contrast of the gold inlay. The technique of applying the inlay is very good as no inlay is missing. The inlay of the two different mons and of karakusa appears on both faces and on both sides of the rim. Dates to ca. 1800.

7.50cm x 6.80cm x 0.50cm (rim)
The Edo-Higo school (Kumagai School) was composed of such workers as Yoshitsugu, Yoshiyuki, Genshichi, and others. They were the retainers of Lord Hosokawa. This school became the tutors of the later Nishigaki school.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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