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A maru-gata tetsu ji tsuba with attached chukushiki dote mimi (hollow form embankment rim). This was accomplished by affixing to the outer circumference of the tsuba, a hollow pipe-like circular rim, either by crimping or squeezing the ring to the tsuba, or by heating the latter and shrinking it into place. The ryohitsu are of rectangular shape and equal in size.

7.51cm x 7.38cm x 0.55cm (seppa)
A very nice example of Hizen work dating about ca. 1500. The design is of 'Chinese Good Luck Objects' which is seen often from this area. The Katchushi-style plate is of this same period, ca. 1500. The rectangular hitsu are typical of Hizen work.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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