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Provenance: Elliott Long $3000.00
"It is a rare tsuba that shows a special tempered skin which may be called 'crepe' forged skin. The first person who trained in this work was the son of the famous swordsmith Ikeda Kazuhide (2nd Gen.) of the Shonai clan, and according to the inscription, he was also a gunsmith. Perhaps this unique and unusual tempered skin is the result of the application of gun manufacturing techniques and iron.
The large mokko shape is hammered back with uchikaeshi rim, and the face is placed thickly so that it surrounds to form a circular phase. This is a design associated with the spirit of Zen and is considered to symbolize truth and enlightenment. It is also said to manifest a state of continuous flow without beginning or end, that is, a liberated mind." (Haynes & Long)

Certificate by NBTHK, Tokubetsu Hozon, 'IKEDA KAZUHIDE'.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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