'Yamashiro no Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'

Mei; 'Yamashiro Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'  H 02464.0
Dates to ca. 1750.

PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long

A large iron plate tsuba in maru-gata circular form, with punch marks and sekigane in the nakago ana. Both hitsu ana are filled with shakudo. The well patined surface is carved in a delicate manner in katakiri bori. The carving repeats on the reverse, with engraved details, and the iron of good color.
The subject depicts a punt on shore of a lake with two cranes flying overhead. On the reverse more of the lake below. The concept of the design encompasses the total surface of the tsuba. The metal is good, the workmanship excellent, the design lofty, dignified, and carefully worked, with minimal inlay of gold, and the surface with a deep chocolate patina. This Tsuba exhibits an unusual outline of the entire seppa area to include the hitsu-ana on both faces. The entire guard has a rustic appearance.

8.30cm x 8.35cm x 0.40cm


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