'Yamashiro no Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'

Mei; 'Yamashiro Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'  H 02464.0
Dates to ca. 1700.

PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long

This fine iron tsuba for a Japanese sword has a maru gata circular form, with punch marks in the nakago ana, a look of great strength and a well patined surface. It is ubu, no hitsu-ana. The well patined surface is carved in a delicate manner in katakiri borion both faces.
The subject depicts a peaceful landscape, with two Tsuru alighting above, and mountains rising in the distance. The design looks like a painting, it is in the tradition of Chinese Sung dynasty landscape painting, and of the ink drawings of the Japanese painter Sesshuu.
The concept of the design encompasses the total surface of the tsuba, even utilizing the apex of the nakago ana to heighten the mountain in the background. The reverse continues with mountains, vegetation and a stream. There is very slight use of 24 karat gold in some highlites. The metal is good, the workmanship excellent, the design lofty, dignified, and carefully worked, and the surface with a deep dark brown patina. This tsuba exhibits many usual characteristics, is very well hammered, and the entire guard has a rustic appearance. All of these traits make this an excellant work of the Saga Kaneiye school.

8.20cm x 8.40cm x 0.32cm


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