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"Iron sukashi Higo tsuba, with a classic Tsuru or crane motif, carved 'in the round', with outspread wings enclosing over its head. Details of the head, feathers and cross-hatching on the seppadai, are finely carved into the plate, and prominent eyes are inlaid with brass. Two large udenuki-ana holes detail the bottom of the tsuba.

Higo is known for its crane motifs, with their bold, elegant design. This crane has a very similar facial carving, design layout and proportions to tsuba illustrated in the Higo Kinko Taikan, attributed to Kanshiro. While this is not a Kanshiro, it strongly draws on the style, and is likely not too far removed in age." (Long)

7.72cm x 7.39cm x 0.50cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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