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Provenance: Elliott Long $1400.00
"Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is located in the southern part of Osaka City, facing west in the direction of Osaka Bay at the western end of the base of Uemachi Plateau. It enshrines the three gods of the sea, Tsutsuo Sanjin, and Empress Jingu, and has been associated with Sumiyoshitsu and Naniwatsu, important ports for diplomacy since the Kofun period. In ancient times, it was worshiped by the Imperial Court and aristocrats as a god of waka poems as a national voyage guardian deity enshrined on ships envoys to the Tang Dynasty, and as a deity of purification from the Heian period.

Presented here is a very elegant iron tsuba of the Higo school. Tsuba of this style by the Higo school have always been sought after by knowledgeable collectors. Their simple yet artistic patterns were produced by some of the most famous tsubaco of this era. This tsuba is no exception." (Haynes & Long)

7.10cm x 6.80cm x 0.50cm

attesting to its quality and the accuracy of the attribution.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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