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Provenance: Elliott Long $1200.00
"Four-way open tsuba of iron ground with mokko-shaped lobes, brass inlay with design of clouds of Heian-jo style, unsigned, both hitsu-ana filled with shakudo. I think it's the design of Heianjo inlay that was popular in the middle of the Muromachi period dating to ca.1400. The exact age is unknown, but it is quite old. It is a large size close to 9 cm. It was heavy and made light, and I think it was attached to a large sword. The color with the taste of brass inlay is a splendid gem. Since it is old, there are stains, rust, and missing inlays, but I think it is in relatively good condition."(Haynes & Long)

8.98cm x 8.81cm x 0.55cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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