11th Mainline Master

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"Presented here is a dignified and elegant Goto Mitokoromono of menuki, kogai and kotsuka. Each of fine shakudo and decorated with spider web and horse, the kozuka and kogai finished with a fine and precise nanako ground. The fine Nanako on the plate is worn down outside of the high relief motif and along the edges. This is a normal characteristic of such old kogai and kotzuka. The spider webs and the eyes of the horses are covered in gold uttori, where the gold is overlain and affixed in very fine furrows around the edges. The menuki have height and narrow at the edge, the root being the yin-yang type.

Kozuka and Kogai are signed 'GOTO MITSUTOSHI' and Kao. The Menuki are unsigned.
This is Goto Tsujo, the 11th mainline master. He was born June, 1663 and died Dec. 1721. Third son of Goto Senjo and grandson of Kenjo. At the age of 23, he became the student of Goto Renjo. He received the title of the family as the 11th Mainline Master in November 1720. This is when he took his nyudo name of TSUJO. He had great competition from the Yokoya and Yanagawa schools. It is said that he did not receive the early family style but studied by himself in more naturalistic methods." (Long)

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