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Provenance: Elliott Long $4000.00
"Excellent set of Ezo menuki with a blossom motif. Executed in an alloy called rogin with gold gilding. Rogin is a similar alloy to shibuichi, but with a broader range of silver content. Workmanship is excellent on this set. They are executed in a carving technique called katachibori, where the subject itself becomes the outline of the menuki. This is accomplished by hammering from the back, in a process like repousse', called uchidashi, and then worked with fine carving and engraving from the front to finish the motif. The menuki have both height and niku. There is significant sukashi, which distinguishes them as from the earliest period of Ezo-style works." (Haynes & Long)


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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