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"Presented here is a set consisting of a tsuba and fuchi/kashira of iron. All pieces have a chiseled decor of plants. The style and quality of this set displays the high artistic ability of NAOFUSA.
The signature on both the tsuba and fuchi read 'SEIRYUKEN EIJU SAKU'. He often signed his masterly pieces in beautiful cursive sosho (grass script) followed with a gold inlaid seal. This was the art name of NAOFUSA (H 06602.0). He was a student of Okamoto Harukuni (H 00810) and the adopted son of Okamoto Naoshige (H 06772)."
Attributed here with a Hakogake by Dr. Torigoye." (Long)

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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