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Provenance:   Elliott Long $1500.00
"Kinai tsuba for wakizashi, maru gata, dote mimi, kozuka and kogai ana are filled. Katachi bori sukashi design of a single aoi leaf shaped to be rounded, convex on ura and concave on omote. Ura mei “Echizen no Ju” “Kinai Saku”, probably Yondai Takahashi, late 1700’s." (Long)

7.65cm x 7.64cm x 0.54cm.

Accompanied with NBTHK Hozon dated _____ .

Yondai Takahashi
He had a very long working life of over 50 years and produced many tsuba. Mostly the tsuba are large, and have strong designs, and there are many patterns, aoi, kiri, bird, horse, dragon, wave and bird, lobster, river and snow; his work shows a strong Kyo-Shoami influence. Some designs were a bit unusual for Kinai, such as prayer strips (tanabata), also bunbogu (stationary). He signed ura mei “Echizen no Ju” “Kinai Saku”. Earlier in his career his mei is of large squarish characters, strongly cut; in his later career the mei is narrower and more delicate, and the whole signature is longer. In particular the “echi” kanji changes. He died in Bunka 6 (1809, January 3).

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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