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PROVENANCE:    John Irwin
                                            Elliott D. Long
"Yamagane forged plate dating late Kamakura/early Nambokucho period, ca. 1400 or earlier. The hitsu-ana reflect the shape of the kozuka and kogai used in early times therefore aiding in the dating of this tsuba.

YAMAGANE: Some call this kawari-gane. As implied by the Chinese ideographs, this is copper, just as it is mined from the mountains.Used in the Kamakura and Nambokucho periods and also in later periods for guards imitating the antique effect. It contained natural impurities; such impurity content varied by locality, therefore its natural colors varied accordingly. Collectors have long admired the natural beauty of the coloring of the patina of tsuba and other pieces. Great care must be used in their care lest this prized patina be blemished or destroyed." (Long)

7.50cm x 7.50cm x 0.35cm

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