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"There are two indications that point to Indochinese origins for this guard. The first are the serpentine dragons, similar to Mekong Phayanak, or protector river-serpent. The second are the lotus flower buds at the top and bottom of the design. The "Loukong" interlacing shows loyalty to the taste of the Qianlong court. Unlike many Chinese guards, it is formed not by carving but by drilling holes through the plate, heating the metal and bending it. The interpretation of the mythical beasts is almost childish, having a folk-art feeling, unlike the kind of obsessive workmanship one finds in Japanese "Kanton" guards. The hitsu-ana are impractical, added to give the piece a Japanese flavor." (Long)

7.10cm x 7.00cm x 0.40cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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