CHINESE Sword Guard

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Provenance: Elliott Long $750.00
"Rounded square iron guard with very thick and heavy rim. The shape might allow us to date it to early Qing period (1644-1700) during which this shape was popular. The design consists of paired chilong (water dragon) in openwork tendrils at top and bottom, and two peculiar features located at both sides. The two features could represent ritual objects used in tantric Buddhism. Just under the thick rim appears gold inlay on a variation of the double rim found on some early imperial Qing saber guards. The copper sekagane confirms being adjusted for Japanese use. Most likely this guard was brought to Japan by Chinese or Dutch merchants to be used in the complex gift-exchange rituals required by their business associates or by Japanese government officials." (Long)
6.6cm x 7.0cm x 0.5cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes, Elliott D. Long, and
James Lancel McElhinney

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