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"A large Akasaka tsuba which at first sight impresses by its excellent highly forged iron which is further intensified by the beautiful bluish-black gleaming luster of the patina and fine tekkotsu. All the elements, such as the narrowing seppa-dai, tapering towards the top, the missing kogai hitsu and the fine, relaxed appearing kebori agree with the characteristics of the first master Tadamasa and confirms the standards for the quality of the early period of the Akasaka school. The excavation of the seppa-dai was used by the samurai to conceal something of value, a prayer or gold." (Haynes & Long)

'AKASAKA TSUBA' by Sasano Masayuki, pg. 32, top.
'SUKASHI TSUBA in europaischen Sammlungen' by Eckhard Kremers, pg. 120-121.
"The imaginative concept and surprising design are testimony to the great genius of this Akasaka master portraying the energy of the school. A roof made of bamboo and the rectangle shape representing a framed plaque containing an inscription normally hung over a doorway, are two examples of Akasaka motif known as 'Shiguretei' (Rain Hut in Autumn). Tsuba as this one prove that the Akasaka style has indeed been created as a blend of Kyo and Owari elements. Whereas the strong rim with its tekkotsu and the surface treatment correspond to Owari tradition, the branches and the fine bamboo stalks of the hut seem to have been adopted from the Kyo style." (Kremers & Long)

8.23cm x 8.39cm x 0.52cm

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