Nidai (2nd) Akasaka, Tadamasa Shozaemon

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PROVENANCE:    Skip Holbrook
                                            Elliott D. Long
"Slight oval shape iron tsuba with sukashi of Musashino subject design of marsh plants, pampas grass with a dew drop, and alighting goose forming kozuka hitsu.
Dates from ca. 1650.
Appears to be the work of the 2nd Tadamasa (H 09097.0). The style of the 2nd Tadamasa resembles the later work of the 1st Tadamasa, however, the shape of the seppa dai is koban. The refined iron, and sophisticated design and finish define the skill and talent that is typical of the 2nd Akasaka Master Tadamasa." (Holbrook & Long)

Ref. AKASAKA TSUBA by Sano Museum, pg. 20, #12 (lower right).
7.15cm x 7.4cm x 0.4cm

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