'Kasa Ni Ame' KO-TOSHO Tsuba

PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long
                                            Gene Stevenson

"Very large, powerful Tosho Tsuba, nicely forged and hammered iron plate with file marks radiating from the center of the tsuba that resemble the halo of the Buddha Amida (amida ysuri). It is known that Kyusaku Akiyama had a special admiration for amida ysuri.

The slight tilt of the umbrella adds movement to the design. The mood of a traveler walking in the rain is evoked, possibly a woman by the shape of the umbrella.

The placement of the open design is excellent, and the thickness of the plate softens the lines of the pattern to give the tsuba a feeling of richness, which enhances the appearance of the iron." (Long)

Width HeightThickness
  8.6cm   8.6cm   2.5mm.

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