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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long
                                            Luca Zanichelli
Reference Only
Recorded as H 00013.0
Early Edo period ca. 1650

Kyo-sukashi iron tsuba of mokko shape.

Symetrical design of garden foot bridges securing top and bottom of seppa-dai to rim and paulownia flowers attach both sides.

Black lacquer remains intact.
The sophisticated design, refined iron, and black lacquer finish contribute to the strong impact of this work.

7.60cm X 7.70cm X 0.45cm thick.
It would seem that Yoshitsugu (H 12225.0 or H 12226.0), first or second generation, made this tsuba. They were father and son of the Akao family working in Echizen Province (ca. 1600-1700).

Refer to Wakayama Vol. III, pg. 120 bottom.

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