(Kaga) 'NOBUIYE'

PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
                                            Dave Severini

This true Nobuiye of a later generation, I believe was made during the early Edo period (1700). The form and design is similar to those of the early generations of the Nobuiye school.
Tetsu Ishime-Ji, the quality of iron has an old patina and elegance. It is forged and tempered very well. The raised outer edge (uchikaeshi mimi) of the tsuba encompases the full perimeter indicating the mokko-form is original. Both sides are almost identically interpreted with a surface of gourds and leaves, expressed by chisel (nikubori).


Mei: 'NOBUIYE' H 07066.0  (futoji-mei)
The signature executed with thick chisel strokes, is bold, yet has extreme wear from use. Appears very much like those attributed to the Nidai Nobuiye.

There are two hitsu-ana with plugs (hitsudome) made of lead with a dark patina. They have a softness and irregularity to them that are suggestive of early Nobuiye. The hitsudome have been thoughtfully incised with the tree bark pattern. Sekigane of copper. There are areas of tekkotsu in the rim though they are difficult to see. This is an excellant old Nobuiye tsuba with a number of characteristics suggestive of early generations.

7.5cm x 6.7cm x 0.3cm.

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