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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                           Elliott D. Long
                                           Larry T. Niermeyer
Reference Only
"The Myochin Ha's main occupation was as armor smiths, and they made tsuba as a sideline. The Myochin Ha is the main line of the Katchushi, and the number of artisans was the greatest. During Bakumatsu (the end of the Tokugawa or Bakufu period), the Myochin Ha made tsuba that are well forged tetsu-ji and most were especially skilled at ko-sukashi. Mokko-gata is the most common shape. This tsuba is exquisitely executed as would be expected of katchushi. Two gold-plugged Hitsu-ana. Highly decorative "Pine trees under Fuji" sukashi motif. Late Edo period (ca.1800)." (Haynes & Long)

2 7/8"inches x 3 3/16"inches x 7/32"inches thick.
Ana: 1 3/16"inches.

This is a scan of a very old photograph of tsuba prior to it receiving Hako-Gaki and gold fill to both ana's.

Hako-gaki reads (from right to left):
Fuji (no) Miho (no) Matsubara
Mokko-gata, Sukashi
Original owner.

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