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PROVENANCE:    Craig Harris
                                            Elliott D. Long
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A sanmei tsuba of mokko shape made of three sandwiched plates, the top and bottom plate of shakudo, with a center core of yamagane (copper). They are bound by a fukurin (rim) of shakudo which holds the three plates together. This construction can be seen on the interior of the nakago and hitsu-ana. The plate decoration of a plum tree on a shore, figure with pole, water, kiku plant and a figure riding on a crane is done by a repousse technique, working the design from the back of the plate. It is the same design on both sides. All inlay is of gold and uses a method called uttori-zogan.
Early Edo period, ca.1600.

This is a masterpiece of the kinko style. Although individual artists did not sign their names and are unknown, their work has such a consistancy of subject matter, feeling, and quality that this type of tsuba remained in fashion for over two hundred years.

6.7cm x 5.9cm x 0.4cm.

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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