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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long
SOLD - Reference Only
“Round iron plate of the oroshigane type, with rounded rim. The iron layers confirm the quality and perfection of the forging. The tempering is exceedingly fine with tekkotsu appearing in the rim. The iron bones are similar to those found in the later Kanayama school. The style closely resembles the old katchushi with a few traces left of zogan style inlay.

This unsigned Kaneiye tsuba is very early Saga school, dating Momoyama period (ca. 1600)." (Long)
7.9cm x 7.9cm x 0.2cm

Fine gold iroe inlay design of a naturalistic landscape, the accepted fashion of the Momoyama age. Iron layers confirm the forging of soft iron that is well tempered, with tekkotsu (iron bones). There is a strong relationship between the dominant religion and the Kara-e school of painting. This combined with the atmosphere of the city of Fushimi formed the style and direction of the work of Kaneiye.

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