HIGO   Tsuba

PROVENANCE:    Craig Harris
                                            Elliott D. Long
                                            Dan Wester

Mumei, though very likely master work of Hayashi Matashichi school (Kasuga school).
Early Edo period, ca.1650-1700.
The forging is splendid and feels hard.
The rim area shows subtle tekkotsu.
The surface (both sides) appears polished and the openwork is very skillful with the edges of the perforations slightly rounded, this is called 'menwo toru'.
The patina is rich and dark.
The openwork is of Paulownia and Nunome done very delicately.
Maru-gata shape.
7.9cm x 8.1cm x 0.4cm.

"The Higo tsuba is a perfect blend of the first aesthetic beauty with the utilitarian aspects that all true tsuba must have." (Dr. Torigoye)

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