'Choshu Hagi Ju Kaneko Yukinaka Saku'

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Provenance:    Robert E. Haynes SOLD - Reference Only
"Iron "fist" shape plate with well formed and hammered surface. The right side of the plate with a large sukashi conch shell covering most of the surface. The large hitsu-ana in the style of those used in the Momoyama period.
The right side of the seppa-dai is signed: "Choshu Hagi ju," and the left side is signed: "Kaneko Yukinaka saku." See H 12435.0 for this artist. He was the son of Kaneko Yukishige and is considered the second master of the Kaneko family school. He is said to have worked about 1700, but this tsuba would seem to be older than that time, and as his father is also listed as working about 1700, these dates would seem to be in error. This tsuba seems to be about 1650 and is very important to establish the correct dates for the early masters of the Kaneko family school. Were this tsuba not signed it would be very difficult to determine who might have made it. All of the above are very good reasons why this work is so important as a study piece." (Haynes)

8.0cm x 0.42cm

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