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PROVENANCE:    Elliott D. Long
                                            Mark W. Thorpe
Reference Only
"Round iron plate with design of swallow flying over spring blooms, a fallen roof tile and rocks, all in gold, silver, copper and shakudo. The reverse with grasses, rocks, and other plants by a stream, in the same metals.

The reverse, on the left side of the seppa-dai, is signed: 'Kaneshige' (H 02548.A). The Kaneshige signature illustrated by Kokubo on pg. 69, of his signature book, he feels is the Hoan artist of this name, but the signature he illustrates is this artist and not the Hoan artist who used this name, and the two names look very much alike but the plate maker artist is this signature and he was to work for several schools and artists about the same period. This Kaneshige signature is rare and he seems to have signed for the plate even though the inlay artist did not sign his own work, why is a mystery." (Haynes)
6.60cm x 7.0cm x 0.35cm

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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