'Yamashiro Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'

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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
                                            Gabriele Boffano
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"Iron plate of rectangular shape with very rounded corners. The face and back carved in high relief with kanji, five on the face, and four on the back. The kanji on the face translate roughly as: "I immediately feel refreshed in the shade of the ivy", and the reverse side: "It is cold above the summit of the pines." This may well be a famous poem, but I am not sure of the source.

Signed: 'Yamashiro Kuni Fushimi ju Kaneiye', H 02464.0. Were this tsuba not signed it would be very difficult to know that it is the work of the later Kaneiye school in Fushimi. There is a Toshinaga tsuba which very much resembles this one illustrated in the TAGANE NO HANA (Nara school book section) (see images below) and there might be a relationship of these two tsuba.

Several friends have agreed that this work is of the Momoyama period and that it is by one of the large group of Kaneiye artists living at that time. A great deal more study and research needs to be done and if anyone has ideas or information that might give a better idea of the connection this work has to the Kaneiye school I hope they will inform us." (Haynes)
6.83cm x 7.45cm x 0.4cm.

'Yamashiro Kuni Fushimi Ju Kaneiye'
Kaneiye tsuba with Toshinaga image in TAGANE NO HANA volume

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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