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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes
                                        Elliott D. Long
Sentoku tsuba of mokko form, carved with an overall breaking wave design which continues over the edge to other side. The patina of the brass is excellant and produces a highly settled composition. The carving of the waves is also from high dignity and their rather fine execution closely resembles techniques found of the Goto-school. There are many pieces with wave motif's among Higo tsuba, but only a few of them can be attributed to the second generation Nishigaki. The shape of the hitsu-ana and seppa-dai are also reminiscent of the second Nishigaki master. (Haynes/Long)

7.3cm x 7.62cm x 0.45cm

Refer to Works of Kanshiro Nishigaki by Ito Mitsuro, page 189, #166.

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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