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Provenance:  Robert E. Haynes Reference Only
An oval shaped iron tsuba with Hotei in a boat beneath a cherry tree in silver and shakudo on ishime-ji. The reverse with Jurojin and crane in copper and silver. Details in nunome-zogan in gold and silver.

Signed: 'An'ei Gonen Kugatsu Hi Tan'yusai no Zu Masamitsu Saku'. This translates to: Date of September 1776 After Kano Tanyu by Masamitsu Saku.

The mei is in gold as is the inlay on both sides of seppa-dai. The square hammered mimi is inlayed with gold, the missing inlay from age and wear. The edge shows the folds of the plate along with tekkotsu.
7.3cm x 7.8cm x 0.4cm

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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