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Provenance: Robert E. Haynes
                            Dan Wester
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"Large (katana size) round iron plate with well hammered surface, that shows some areas of mokume forging. With udenuki-ana lower right and inlay of silver pine cone in high relief, and three pine needles in gold. The reverse with a smaller silver pine cone and two gold pine needles. The hitsu-ana of kogai shape.

Signed on the face in faint kanji: 'Tetsunin', see H 09683.0 and entry under this number of Tetsunin see Yukimori H 12426. This is the work of the "later" Tetsunin and is far removed from either the Saga school or the work of the Kaneiye school. What it does show is that the "Kaneiye" school group, in its later years of the Edo period, went its own way and any tradition left from its Fushimi origins were now but a memory. In many ways this example is as powerful as the work of the great Kaneiye school but not in its tradition." (Haynes)
8.2cm x 8.2cm x 0.4cm

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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