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H 05405.0 $200.00
"Rounded square iron plate with a carved design of waves, clouds, and fish nets on the face of the plate. The reverse with ship sails, waves, clouds and shore line, all with small dots of gold on the waves and gold lines on the ships.
Signed on the face: 'JOSHU ju MITSUSHIGE', which is rather difficult to discern. This artist is Umetada Mitsushige, H 05405.0. He also signed Yamashiro Kuni ju, and was a resident of Kyoto ca. 1700-1750.
He is listed in the SOKEN KISHO, 1781, vol. 3, page 12. I have recently added a note to my entry for this name that says: 'also worked in the style of the Saga Kaneiye school', and this is a fine example of that style. The Umetada family school masters would sometimes reverse the order of the kanji of their name as there are several Shigemitsu of the Umetada school living in Kyoto at the same time as the master and one of them might also be this artist." (Haynes)
8.30cm x 7.70cm x 0.4cm


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