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"Oval iron plate tsuba with sukashi design of a summer half rolled curtain with tie cords and aoi leaves and stems at the top. With gold nunome half kiku blooms over the surface on both sides.

This type of late, ca. 1800, tsuba is very hard to classify, it would seem to have much of the style of the Sunagawa school of this same period, but it might be independant work made in Edo. In any event it is very well made and shows great skill in carving and inlay." (Haynes)
7.25cm x 6.85cm x 0.45cm.

"The Sunagawa school is part of the greater Bushu group of schools, and in some ways is closely allied with the Ito school. They prospered in the late Edo age. On the whole,this school shows good control of its material. The designs are well carved and the details are well handled. The style is gentle and quiet, expressing the peaceful age, and the luxury of the Shogunal court." (Long)

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