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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                      Elliott D. Long
"Round iron plate with the web carved as an old plum tree in full bloom, with touches of gold nunome on various areas. The whole in pure Edo Ito Bushu school style, it would seem that the vast majority of his work was in the Ito school style.
Signed: 'Goto Shunjo', H 08826.0, born 1740, died 1822, but others say he died Aug. 5, 1812. He was the grandfather of Goto Ichijo H 01697.0, but examples of his work are far rarer than those of his grandson. The only recorded example I can find outside of Japan is the one in the Baur collection, D 632.
Were this tsuba unsigned one would never know that it was the work of Shunjo.
Very important historical example." (Haynes)

7.75cm x 8.15cm x 0.4cm.

GOTO Main Family - 7th Master KENJO (second son of Tokujo, student of Eijo)


KANJO - Founder of School (2nd son of KENJO)
  SHUNJO - 2nd Master of Hachirobei (Son of Kanjo)
         KAIJO (1st son of Shunjo)
        SHINJO (2nd son of Shunjo)
         KENJO (3rd son of Shunjo)
                 ICHIJO (Son of Kenjo, grandson of Shunjo)

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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