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"Round iron plate with the surface carved with fine vertical lines (Sendai yasuri) often seen on the work of the Sendai tsuba makers. The sukashi crest is the clove mon used by the Matsudaira family in Sendai. The delicate carving of this mon makes one think this is a late Edo tsuba, but the encrustation on its walls tells us the work is more likely of the early Edo period." (Haynes)

8.2cm x 8.3cm x 0.35cm

"In the Kambun era (1661-72), the craftsmen worked in both the early katchushi, Kyo-Shoami, Shonai Shoami styles as well as crafting imitations of Kaneiye and Nobuiye tsuba." (Long)
"The plate is signed with two kanji that read either, GENDA or MOTO-DA. Either reading is of a family name and I have not recorded it as a family or art name. There is also the idea that this is a swordsmith, but Hawley or others has no mention of the name as well." (Haynes)

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