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Provenance:   Robert E. Haynes $1800.00
"An iron plate in 'mitsu-uri' shape with three cylindrical sukashi openings at the lobe junctures. The bottom two openings serve as the udenuki ana. The ryohitsu are original and their sekigane are present.

The surface of both faces gives the effect of grained wood of a piece of lumber. This is termed as mokume ji or mokume kaji. This finish, regardless of the term used to describe it, is achieved by forging and diligently hammering together pieces of soft and hard iron and forming the whole into the shape of a tsuba, then treating the surfaces with an acid which brings out the fine streaks, whorl-like mottles and wood-grain texture that was formed by the intermingling of the hard and soft iron. The result resembles grained wood in a brilliant sheen. This type of finish, moreover, is practically the distinguishing mark for works by Myochin Munesuke and Munesada.

Mei: 'Myochin Minbu Ki Munesada Saku' H06211.0. Worked in Kyoto and Edo, ca. 1725-1750." (Long & Haynes)

8.30cm x 8.50cm x 0.45cm


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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