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Haynes Index H 10905.0 $1000.00
"Large rounded brass plate tsube with a fine silver rope shape rim cover. The face is carved with the oil thief in the rain subject and the back with a shinto torii and pine tree in the rain. The back is signed: 'SHIGETSUNE', see H 10905.0. This artist is often referred to as "Nara Tsuneshige". He was a prolific artist of the later Edo period, and a number of his tsuba are to be found in the West. This example is rare and important on two counts. First, the silver rope shape rim cover which is very rare in his work and the fact that the plate has the original patination color, and that it has not been polished as most examples in the West have." (Haynes)

6.80cm x 7.30cm x 0.50cm (rim)


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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