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Haynes Index H 08525.0 $600.00
"Slightly oval iron plate with design of Shoki and the Oni, under a bridge, with gold, silver, and copper inlay, that is continued on the back of the plate.
The face is signed: 'Edo ju Shigetsuna Saku Kore'. See H 08525.0. The entry says his early family name was Ueda and later it was Watanabe. Though this tsuba is signed as living in Edo, he was from Aizu in Iwashiro Province. There is an example dated 1681. The work seems to have its foundations in the Soten school but we know so little about this artist that we cannot say for sure if he also studied with the Soten school. This tsuba is a good place to begin a study of this artist." (Haynes)

7.05cm x 7.10cm x 0.40cm


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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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