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Haynes Index H 02526.0 $500.00
"Iron otafuku shape plate with design of Ono no Komachi (834-900), in relief iron on iron inlay, and in a landscape. With a silver face and a few brass inlay areas, as is the back also in a landscape. With two small "Satsuma" style cord holes.
The back is signed (very hard to see): 'Yamashiro Kuni Fujiwara Kanesada'. See H 02526.0. This example by this rather prolific artist is rare in the shape of the plate and the large size, it also seems older than many other examples of the same subject, by this artist." (Haynes)

7.45cm x 8.45cm x 0.40cm

'Yamashiro Kuni Fujiwara Kanesada'

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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