'Bushu Ju Toshimasa Saku'

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PROVENANCE:    Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
Reference Only

"Round iron plate tsuba with the web carved with five ginko leaves blowing in the wind. The carving of the leaves is higher than the rim and the seppa area, and may have been achieved with some areas of iron on iron inlay.

Mei: Bushu Ju Toshimasa Saku.
Recorded as H 10406.0
Edo Ito school.
He worked circa 1750 to 1800.

Katana size Ito school tsuba are very rare and this is one of the finest and boldest of that school." (Haynes)

8.2cm x 8.2cm x 0.45cm
"At the one o'clock position the sukashi opening restoration is completed and perfect.
The value of this piece is enhanced." (Long)

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