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PROVENANCE:    Skip Holbrook
                                            Robert E. Haynes
                                            Elliott D. Long
Collection Tsuba, Please Inquire
Muromachi Period (ca. 1500)

Iron sukashi tsuba in the design of four storm clouds that secure the seppa-dai to the rim at top and bottom.
Futatsu mokkogata shape.
This detailed work is an almost perfect example of the finest ji-sukashi.
The deep patina complements the tekkotsu of the rim.
The seppa-dai, although a prominent feature, does not detract from the design.

The refined iron and pleasant texture is superior and typifies the high skills of this master.
Although a product of the late-Muromachi period, it has the expression and refinement of the earlier Muromachi periods.

7.45cm wide x 7.15cm height x 0.65cm seppa.

The Ji-sukashi technique was developed in order to create tsuba with strong meaningful symbols as well as reducing the weight of the sword when fencing. The Ji-sukashi technique creates a design in the simplest way.
There are several similarities between the Ji-sukashi technique and Japanese ink painting, sumie, for example: the symbolic designs, the color of the ink and there is a distinct relationship between the simple boldly emphasized openwork and the naive brush strokes and the use of blank spaces of the ink paintings. A harmony between light and dark.


A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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