5th Akasaka, 2nd Tadatoki Tsuba

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PROVENANCE:    Eckhard Kremers
                                         Justin Orr
                                             Elliott D. Long
                                             Larry Niermeyer
Reference Only
"Round iron sukashi tsuba with design of three geese flying beneath a full moon partially obscured by clouds. This is a classic sukashi design encompassing a vast panoramic scene within the rim. The iron has a beautiful patina; looking smooth and silky. The rim is smooth without noticeable tekkotsu and the hitsu-ana are cleverly formed as part of the design with the kozuka-ana forming one of the three geese. A very fine example of Akasaka work (ca. 1700).
This is the work of the fifth master of the Akasaka family school, the second Tadatoki H 09166 (son of the first Tadatoki H 09165).

See a similar design by the 3rd Master Masatori, Dr. Kazutaro Torigoye, "Tsuba Kanshoki", 1965 1st edition, pg. 216." (Haynes & Long)

7.6cm x 7.6cm x 0.45cm at seppa, 0.5cm at rim
The name for this school comes from the district of Akasaka in Edo where the artists of this school resided. At the time of the formation of the Akasaka school the two powerful openwork schools of Kyo-sukashi and Owari were exerting great influence upon each other. It could be said that from this clash, in the form of Kariganeya, these two schools merged. From these designs and the shape of the tsuba suggest the style of the original Akasaka tsuba. The reason for the spread of the name of this school throughout the country was its fresh approach and attractive openwork patterns that were far beyond the conventional tsuba of the day.

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