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Provenance:    Elliott Long
                           Alex Aspinall
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"Iron plate tsuba in mokko shape with omote and ura surfaces showing six kiku stamp designs. In terms of both the feel of the iron and the kozuka ana shape (hangetsu bitsu) confirms the early age of this tsuba. Rim is of Uchikaeshi type showing very good iron bones.
Many Ko-tosho and Ko-katchushi guards with no open works were mounted on the swords of low-ranking samurai." (Haynes & Long)
"Each of the six kiku stamp designs consist of three kiku's. Each design has the special symbolic meaning of endurance, integrity, and longevity and displays a feeling of patriotism or traditional aesthetic." (Long)

7.6cm x 7.85cm x 0.20cm (plate) - 0.50cm (rim)

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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