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Provenance:    Elliott D. Long
                                            Lawrence Niermeyer
A very dark black iron tsuba of mokko-gata shape with a sukashi design of a kiri plant. The surfaces have no flaws or any signs of rust or corrosion and appear as if polished (meigaku-ji). There are few iron bones (tekkotsu) present in the rim.
The sekigane is in classic Suruga style and in tack. This style of sekigane is called kuchi-beni - "open mouth red lips".

The signature (mei) reads 'INSHU JU SURUGA SAKU'. He is the THIRD BIZEN SURUGA, H 09041.0. This family name was used by the later members of the original Haruta family school, after they moved to Suruga Province. The third generation signed Inshu Suruga or Inshu Suruga Saku.

This is the largest and finest example of a Suruga tsuba.
8.3cm x 8.5cm x 0.35cm

A distinguishing characteristic of the tsuba of the Suruga school is the use of kuchi-beni. The Suruga kuchi-beni are semicircles of copper inlaid at the top and bottom of the nakago-ana flush with the surface of the plate. They were inlaid by the artist who made the tsuba and are not a later addition.

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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