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Provenance:    Skip Holbrook
                            Elliott D. Long
SOLD - Reference Only
"Iron square-shape (hokei-gata) tsuba with flat, slightly rounded corners. The rim has four notches. The quality of the iron plate as well as his forging is excellant. The very small iron bones (tekkotsu) are quiet and unobtrusive. The web treatment is of fine quality being smooth, but not lacking in variation.

The 24 caret gold appearing on the outer area could represent plants or flowers. The inlay appears larger on the front in comparison to the back of the tsuba. The inlay 'swiggles' could be in the style representing age. All inlay could be in both the style of the Shoami and Higo schools.

The signature is very rare and reads: 'HOAN HISATSUGU' (2nd Hoan Master) H 01577.0, dating to ca.1600. This would be one of his finest works, a masterpiece." (Haynes & Long)
"The design seems to be related to the 'tea ceremony'. The four rim indentations represent the openings for the cord that secures the lid to a tea bowl box. The diamond design in the center represents the furoshiki used either as the wrap for the tea bowl in its box or in the tea ceremony.

The design could also represent a Christian Cross with the corner elements representing the Trinity." (Haynes, Holbrook & Long)

6.8cm x 7.0cm x 0.4cm

A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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