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A round (maru gata) thin iron plate with sukashi of pine needle. Though the taste of the iron and the pine needle sukashi are simple and look unsophisticated, the tsuba has intensity.
The iron plate is well forged but has suffered from corrosion. The pine needle sukashi was cut into the plate which was a tedious and expertly done task. Dating to mid Muromachi, ca. 1400-1450.

The pine needle, representing the pine tree, is known for their vitality and have been a symbol of longevity from old, and its design has been used as an auspicious omen motif since Heian period. Since fallen pine needles remain in pairs even after falling to the ground they represent fidelity.
7.90cm x 7.90cm x 0.30cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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