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Suaka (copper) tsuba of slight oval shape carved and inlaid in silver, shakudo, copper and gold. On the omote is the classic motif of the long-armed monkey hanging from a pine tree branch reaching for the reflection of a cresent moon in the stream. On the ura is the pine tree branch hanging over the stream. All carving done in great detail and none of the inlay is missing. The patina is original and in remarkable condition.

7.85cm x 8.00cm x 0.30cm
Signed with art name on the ura 'TOSHINAGA' (H 10651.0). This artist was a student of Tanaka Kiyotoshi (H 03368.0). There is considerable debate about the reading of this name. Some feel TOSHINAGA is correct, or even JURYO, and others use the TOSHIYOSHI reading, as found in Western books of a hundred years ago. There are a number of extant documents, 15 examples of his work in the Baur collection, and pieces in the Boston Museum, where his name is read TOSHIYOSHI.

Signed on the ura 'TOSHINAGA' (H 10651.0).

Accompanied with NBTHK Hozon paper attributing to 'Toshinaga'.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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