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Provenance:  Skip Holbrook
                                Elliott D. Long
Early Mino work often depicts gardens and insects, in deep relief, bringing to mind that the world is beautiful, yet risk is ever present.
A rare Mino Bori tsuba with design of cricket and chrysanthemums on both omote and ura. An iron plate of rounded square shape with gold gilded copper overlays. The fire gilding attaches very well to copper but not iron. The marks on the right side of seppa-dai have unknown meaning.

Dates to the Momoyama period.
Things to note, are the 2-3 flower clusters spread around the body of the piece, their shape (slightly oval), the background leaves, the gnarled primary tree branch supporting the flowers, the shape of the hitsuana (large, rounded), and that the entire seppa area is raised due to the down-carving (as in kinko pieces). The body of the cricket is also a style that is found in Mino (Ko- and even Mino Goto) works from the Momoyama through Edo. I am not sure Mino works are commonly associated with iron, but purely in terms of design, I feel there are strong commonalities. I would say even more so after looking at the literature I have that this is something that is inspired (knowingly or not) by Mino works.

6.40cm x 6.80cm x 0.5cm

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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