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Provenance:  David Easley
                              Elliott D. Long
Collection Piece, Please Inquire
Round (maru gata) iron plate being well forged with possible udenuki. Both sides finished with excellant 'Amida Yasurime' of fine workmanship carrying an inherent air of quiet simplicity. Both hitsu-ana filled with shakudo.

Amida Yasurime: "radiant Buddha file-finish." Consists of file marks, cut radially outward from the center of a tsuba to the circumference, closely and compactly spaced. In all likelihood the term was originally chosen as being descriptive of the sun-burst nimbus, or halo, seen back of, or behind the head, of most statues of the Radiant Buddha.

8.20cm x 8.40cm x 0.35cm

NBTHK Hozon attribution
Refer to Haynes H 11245.0
Worked in Yamato Kuni, ca. 1650-1700. This artist worked in the classic style of the Nara kaji group of strong iron plate tsuba.

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A Collaboration of Robert E. Haynes and Elliott D. Long

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