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"Large round plate with openwork design of Sakura (cherry blossoms) and Wachigai. Carved with Amida Yasuri (Buddahs halo). Dated to Azuchi Momoyama period.

Vestages of the signature are present. 'Toda Hikoemon' H 01261.0. This name was used by various artists of the Toda family school, of which their individual names we do not have. For the most part they made iron plate tsuba, often with amida yasuri and other carved surfaces. The carved surface and signatures were done very thinly which were prone to rapid wear.

There is a great meaning behind this design. The significance of the Amida Yasuri is the protection provided from the gods. Wachigai is symbolic of 'all things continue forever without end'. WA stands for harmony, unity and concord - mans harmonious unity with nature and the universe. The samurai code of Bushido is represented in the sakura (cherry blossoms). The sakura blooms gorgeously and beautifully then quickly falls afterwords. The samurai lives by this principle." (Haynes & Long)
7.7cm x 0.4cm @ seppa-dai / 0.3cm @ rim
Vestages of 'Toda Hikoemon'

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