'Choshu Hagi ju Tadatsugu Saku'

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Providence:  Elliott Long $400.00
"Iron plate in marugata shape, one hitsu-ana in suhama-gata. The sukashi design in negative silhouette of five partial cherry blossom (sakura). The missing petals suggests a change without misfortune. The samurai is attracted by the purity and short life of the cherry blossom and its delicate nature.

Signed: 'Choshu Hagi Ju Tadatsugu Saku'. H 09187.0. 1st generation Nobutsune of the family Nakai. Art name Bun'emon. Considered the founder of the Choshu Nakai family school. Third son of Shinzaemon Tadanao who was a retainer of the Mori elder Masuda Kawachi no Kami Kageyoshi.

The delicate subject, careful finish and refined iron establishes this tsuba as a work of perfection." (Long)
7.5cm x 7.5cm x 0.15cm @ rim x 0.4cm @ seppa

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